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Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal cancer is a uncommon type of cancer that occurs on surface of your vagina. Vaginal cancer which accounting for about 1% of malignant tumor of female genital organs. About 5,000 new cases of vaginal cancer appear each year and 1,000 deaths from vaginal cancer in the United States.

Most commonly, other cancer can begin in other parts of your body and spread to your vagina, the cancer is called metastatic (secondary) vaginal cancer; Vaginal cancer that begins in your vagina is very rare, the cancer is called primary vaginal cancer.

Vaginal Cancer Symptoms

Most Women with vaginal cancer have no signs or symptoms in the early stages of vaginal cancer, but the development as the vaginal cancer and exasperate degree, the vaginal cancer symptoms can become more obvious, including:

Tip: There are many other diseases that cause these symptoms, not just vaginal cancer, but if you have any of these symptoms or signs, you should see your doctor, then they can examine your vagina. Read more >>

Vaginal Cancer Survival Rate

The 5 year survival rate means what percent of women live at least 5 years after diagnosis. For example, 5-year survival rate is 90% means that 90 out of 100 women survive for 5 years after the vaginal cancer is found... Read more >>

Stages of vaginal cancer

Vaginal cancer was divided into 4 stages according to FIGO:

Causes of vaginal cancer

We don't know exactly what causes vaginal cancer, but we know the main risk factors are associated with vaginal cancer, including:

Vaginal cancer prevention

No sure way can prevent you from getting vaginal cancer, but you can reduce your risk of vaginal cancer by changing life style.

Treatment for Vaginal Cancer

Your treatment plan depends on the type of vaginal cancer, stage, and your healthy condition. The primary treatment methods for vaginal cancer are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


Surgical options include:

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses radioactive ray (such as X-rays, Proton rays) to weaken and kill cancer cells in your vagina that may stick around after surgery.


Chemotherapy uses anti cancer drugs to destroy vaginal cancer cells.
For early stage vaginal cancer such as stage 0 and stage 1, Doctor may put anti cancer drugs into your vagina. But in most cases, anti cancer drugs are given intravenously.

Vaginal Cancer Treatment Options by Stage

Like other cancer, vaginal cancer treatment options depends on its stages.

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